The Level 2 Warehouse and Distribution apprenticeship is suited for any apprentice that would like to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to operate within the warehousing environment.

On completion of this 12-month apprenticeship, the apprentice will undertake regular learning activities from their tutor to ensure the apprentice is able to fully:

  • Develop effective working relationships with colleagues in logistics operations
  • Understand health, safety and security at work
  • Pick goods in logistics operations
  • Wrap and pack goods in logistics operations
  • Keep work areas clean in logistics operations
  • Moving and/or handling goods in logistics operations
  • Keep stock at required levels in logistics operations
  • Operate equipment to perform work requirement in logistics operations

The apprentice will work with their tutor to create a portfolio evidence and to achieve their apprenticeship and they will undertake workplaces assessment that include observation of practice, Q&A, distance study and learner reports.

Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, C2C will also work with employers to ensure the training meets the needs of the business and that of the apprentice, and prior to delivery, industry trained tutors will meet with the employer and the apprentice to identify any skills gaps and ensure the training is then tailored to meet this need.

It is important to note that C2C and their tutors are very flexible in their delivery and will utilise a combination of group, one-to-one and distance learning sessions to train the apprentice.

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