Police Training & Development

With the advent of the National Police Promotion Framework (NPPF) replacing Ospre, police forces across the country are now required to complete work based assessments of their staff, for their Sergeant and Inspector promotions.

C2C Training Limited are currently working with forces across the country to assist in the development of assessment teams for the NPPF, and also IPLDP programmes. We can enable your staff to meet the requirements of this new process, required by awarding bodies and the College of Policing.
Using staff who have extensive experience of policing and the training of officers, we are able to provide a fully unique and tailored package, including training for:

• Assessors
• Internal Quality Assurers
• Lead Internal Quality Assurers
• Train the Trainer / Education and Training qualifications

C2C Training Limited offer training, advice and guidance for NPPF, IPLDP and the Policing Diploma from staff who have extensive experience in policing, combined with ongoing External Quality Assurance expertise for forces across the country.

Please contact us on 01322 987 090 or admin@c2ctrainingltd.com to discuss your requirements further.