The Level 5 Operations Manager apprenticeship is suited for any apprentice that manages teams and projects in line with an organisation’s operational or departmental strategy.

On completion of this 36-month apprenticeship, the apprentice will undertake regular learning activities from their tutor to ensure the apprentice is able to fully:

  • Create and deliver operational plans.
  • Understand operational management approaches and models, including creating plans to deliver objectives and setting KPIs.
  • Know how to set up and manage a project using relevant tools and techniques, and understand process management.
  • Understand how to initiate and manage change by identifying barriers and know how to overcome them.
  • Know how to motivate and improve performance, supporting people using coaching and mentoring approaches.
  • Understand organisational cultures and diversity and their impact on leading and managing change.
  • Know how to delegate effectively.
  • Understand approaches to partner, stakeholder and supplier relationship management including negotiation, influencing, and effective networking.
  • Understand time management techniques and tools, and how to prioritise activities, and the use of different approaches to planning, including managing multiple tasks.
  • Monitor budgets and provide reports, and consider financial implications of decisions and adjust approach/recommendations accordingly.

The apprentice will work with their tutor to create a portfolio evidence and to achieve their apprenticeship, there will be an end point assessment (EPA), by an external body.

The EPA gives the apprentice the chance to demonstrate their knowledge, behaviour and skills in the role of an operational manager. This assessment includes observation of practice, Q&A and the apprentice showcase, which is where the learner demonstrates their knowledge of the subject and role, either by an essay style report or formal presentation.

Throughout the duration of the apprenticeship, C2C will also work with employers to ensure the training meets the needs of the business and that of the apprentice, and prior to delivery, industry trained tutors will meet with the employer and the apprentice to identify any skills gaps and ensure the training is then tailored to meet this need.

It is important to note that C2C and their tutors are very flexible in their delivery and will utilise a combination of group, one-to-one and distance learning sessions to train the apprentice.

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