Emergency Services

Emergency Services

C2C have close links to the emergency services through the previous service of staff and the knowledge and experience gained in their careers.

To date, C2C have worked with a number of emergency services to train their staff and currently undertake a number of training programmes across the country.

Qualifications provided to date include:

  • Teaching and assessing qualifications for probationer and constable training units
  • Teaching qualifications for specialist operational policing units
  • Internal Quality Assurance and Lead Internal Quality Assurance packages for a number of police forces
  • CCTV training and Providing Security Service apprenticeships for one of the largest forces in the country
  • An onoing programme to deliver Learning and Development apprenticeships to a leading NHS Ambulance Trust
  • The training of officers approaching retirement in the areas of Assessment, IQA, Lead IQA and Teaching skills
  • Teaching and Assessing qualifications for specialist driver training units

To discuss the specialist nature of this training and your own needs, please email C2C here or call us on 01332 987090

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