C2C are an experienced provider of apprenticeships and their apprentices consistently succeed above the national average. 

Apprenticeships are available to train new employees and also existing members of staff, who have had a change in their job duties and responsibilities, or who have moved to a new role, where new knowledge and skills are needed.

There are various funding options available to support organisations to train their staff, and the apprenticeship levy is in place to help organisations develop their workforce.

C2C are proud to deliver the following apprenticeships nationally: 

Apprenticeship learning combines tutorials, assessments and e-learning to give apprentices the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to excel in their field.

C2C place the apprentice at the forefront of all delivery, and each individual is provided with a dedicated tutor who guides them through the process. All apprentices will undertake on and off-the-job training, in their chosen subject and also within functional skills.

“Directors and Managers work collaboratively with employers in the design and delivery of apprenticeship programmes that meet business needs. They have a clear focus on delivering apprenticeships that meet the needs of the local communities. Trainers and assessors are well-qualified and experienced in the subject areas that they deliver” ofsted, 2018.

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